Parallel Operation Of Wind And Battery To Operate Constant Load

Techs: Hardware: Arduino nano, Sepic convertor,Relay Network, battery Software: Arduino IDE
Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Team Lead: Muhammad Hamza Tahir - (
Team Members: Bilal Ahmed, Muhammad Zaheer, Muhammad Hamza Tahir
MSTeamURL: click here

Problem Statement

Provide electricity to the isolated places (mountains, island ) where direct supply can’t reached


we are going to operate a constant load by using two different sources .


In this project, we will used wind source, as we know that the wind source is variable in nature so we  are controlling this whole system  by using variable battery source. A feedback system, which will constantly monitor the voltage and with the help of a micro controller (Arduino Nano). We will use a LC filter, which allows low frequencies to pass and restrict high frequency content. We will use relay networks1 which will be connected with the battery and will work based on the output voltage. The output from relay network 2 is fed to the inverter. Inverter will converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), AC from the output of the inverter is then passed through LC filter and then it will be good enough to drive the load and in this way the whole system would work in a completely perfect manner.


Wind is our main source and we are using battery as a backup source in case of lack of supply. We synchronized this system in order to maintain the constant supply to the load. We are using a battery bank to store a surpluses power generated by a wind source. When the power from the wind source is insufficient Battery energy storage system will provide the power to the load.

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