Smart Energy Metering System

Techs: Esp32, Pzem-004t, current transformer, relay, LCD, Arduino IDE
Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Team Lead: Sajjad Ali Shah - (
Team Members: Sajjad ali shah, asim mehmod, shahzain sajid, umair saghir
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Problem Statement

Consumer can Switch form WAPDA to his own generation from everywhere, also the controlling department as well as user can see his consumption online  which will reduce human effort. And if user generate more energy the can provide it to WAPDA which will help in load shading.


We made an IoT system for consumption of monitoring energy, which give us all the electric parameters like current, voltage, energy, power factor and also it will calculate our monthly electricity bill, moreover it  is connected to internet that a person can check it from anywhere in the world at real time.


In this project we want to digitalize and make it IoT (internet of things) metering for energy, so we built a circuitry which help us to calculate voltage, current, power, energy, power factor and bill and upload this data on online server. Both consumer and grid can monitor this data at real time.

In previous technology we need human effort as well the consumer do not have enough control over his consumption. Now we have two way communication between grid stations and consumer, Consumer can also have access to look his real time data and can switch from WAPDA (water and power development authority) to his own generation. Moreover the Power station can generate power according to the consumer’s demand, which will avoid extra power consumption, they can pick data online and make calculation to generate efficient amount of power only.  


Energy monitoring has a significant importance in the present Era of technology advancement. With the increase of demand of electric energy with the increase in electric consumption devices, we need efficient systems of monitoring which gathers data continuously and communicate accordingly. So, the challenge which enters the market is, to design cost effective user-friendly smart meter with lesser privacy issue. Our project aim is to design a smart meter which is cost-effective user-friendly energy monitoring device with lesser privacy issue.  In this project we use low-cost sensors, relays and microcontroller to make our device cost effective and use to measure energy data quickly and can transmit data in real time using internet of things (IOT). The designed system is able to measure active power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, energy consumption and communicate that measure active power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, and energy consumption data to firebase consul. This system not only able to show the real time energy reading but also able to store the previously recorded reading.

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