Black Box For Automobiles

Techs: ESP-32, SIM 808 module, Fuel Sensor, Tachometer, GSM Car antenna, GPS Car antenna, SSD module, SSD Card module,SSD Card (32 GB), Card Reader,Relay, Transistor, capacitor, Resistor,arduino ide,laptop.
Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
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Our focus is not only on accident Scenario. Moreover, we used our components in such a way that It is used To 1) monitor employee. o Track recording o Fuel logging o Speed logging (Abrupt changes and moment of incident). 2) Anti-Theft Measure o Real time car tracking (Id-based secure system) 3) Data Storage and Communication o Sufficient and Secure Backup of Data (more then 6 months). 4)Smart Power Management o Efficient battery consumption as per need to enhance recording. 5) Alert o Overspeed Alert o Fuel theft Alert

The project carries four major objectives which are mentioned below: 

1. To monitor employee.

  o Track recording 

  o Fuel logging o Speed logging (Abrupt changes and moment of incident) 

2. Anti-Theft Measure

 o Real time car tracking

3. Data Storage and Communication

 o Enough and Secure Backup of Data

 o Portable Data transfer 

4. Smart Power Management

 o Efficient battery consumption as per need to enhance recording. 

Employ Monitoring is based on reading calculating from sensors and then performing action accordingly. 

Anti-theft measure is GPS-GSM base tracking system that will send location about object when needed i.e. On inquiry real time tracking is also a feature to address theft related issues. 

All of Data will be stored in Data Storage Device. 

For efficient consumption of battery power an additional feature of Smart Power Management System will be installed. 


 Black Box is mainly composed of Data acquisition unit along with Fuel detection sensor, GPS, GSM, Data Storage Device, Battery, communication port and operating circuitry. 

• Fuel detector is designed in such a way that it takes input from fuel tank and feed into analog port of Data acquisition which detects fuel level. 

• GPS and GSM antennas are installed outside the vehicle while modules are placed inside box for communication and position finding. 

• Inquiry can be sent through SMS from any remote location on which DAQ has to respond by calculating all sensors responses.

• Meanwhile data is consistently storing in data storage device which could be collected through communication port. 

• Speed, Fuel, Location and vehicle fuel consumption are prime parameters of the project. 

• Efficient battery management circuit is also point of focus as system needs to store information as much as possible. 

• In case of accident data must be retrieved through card reader. Applications Black Box is designed with following applications

• Prevents theft 

• Can detect cause of accident 

• Lets you know when car needs maintenance 

• Can observe driving behavior 

• It will record irregularities and unwanted behaviors to get noticed. 

• It responds to the inquiry of location and status of car. 

• Track recording and identifying use of vehicle.

Project Team Members

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CIIT/FA17-BEE-053/WAH Usama Waheed
CIIT/FA17-BEE-072/WAH Muhammad Mujeeb Awan
CIIT/FA17-BEE-086/WAH Yasir Hafeez
CIIT/FA17-BEE-200/WAH Iqra Yamin

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