Intelligent Vehicle

Techs: Raspberry Pi 4B, Arduino Uno, Ultrasonic sensor, Speed Sensor (FC03), L298 Motor Driver, 16x2 LCD, Raspberry Pi OS, Python.
Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
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Intelligent vehicle is a driverless car using electronic sensors and deep learning techniques. It moves automatically in the given environment using ultrasonic sensors connected with raspberry pi and also detects the coming objects in the way using deep learning model trained on yolov5 for four classes. It follows the path created by road lane mapping and displays speed and distance of the car.

Our project is about an intelligent vehicle. An intelligent vehicle is defined as a vehicle enhanced with perception, reasoning, and actuating devices that enable the automation of driving tasks such as safe lane following, obstacle avoidance, overtaking slower traffics, following the vehicle ahead, assessing and avoiding dangerous situations. Automation could help reduce the number of traffic deaths since it does not have the same weaknesses as a human. It will always have the same level of alertness since it will not get tired or distracted, nor will it be under the influence of alcohol. Research related to intelligent vehicles is increasingly becoming a topic of interest.Mainly due to legal reasons, fully autonomous vehicles are not expected to be integrated with standard traffic. Therefore, only advanced assistance control systems are used in these vehicles. Main achievements of our project which we want are:

• Obstacle avoidance

• Speed control (for brakes)

• Collision avoidance

• Avoid dangerous situations

Project Team Members

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CIIT/FA17-BEE-130/WAH Arooj Fatima
CIIT/FA17-BEE-067/WAH Ghania Khursheed
CIIT/FA17-BEE-082/WAH Hina Saleem

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