Effect of Nano/Micro Graphite on Mechanical Properties of Cementitious Concrete with Partial Replacement of Quarry Dust.

Techs: UTM and Microsoft Office
Department: Civil Engineering
Team Lead: Maryum Bilal - (maryumbilal14@gmail.com)
Team Members: Numan Ibrahim, Komal Riaz, Hamza Ehsan
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Problem Statement

This concrete mix can be used to replace traditional concrete mix to utilize the use of quarry dust and find replacement for traditional materials.


Excessive use of natural raw materials is leading to the shortage of these materials in making concrete in the near future. Therefore finding alternative materials is essential to produce sustainable concrete. This study is focused on finding the effect of different percentages of nano/micro graphite particles on with the addition of different percentage of quarry dust in cementitious concrete.


In the last decade, the world faced a rapidly growing interest toward cementitious materials such as mortar and concrete; however, the application of these materials is limited by their quasi-brittle behavior, low toughness, and poor tensile strength. These limitations encouraged scientists to improve their properties by combining nanotechnology to construction materials. Most recently, the unique and superior properties of Graphene-Based Materials (GBMs) demonstrated to enhance the properties of cementitious nanocomposite at such an extent that they might reach high, and even ultrahigh, mechanical, and physical performances.

The problem of natural sand scarcity can be solved by substituting quarry dust. The availability of sand at low cost as a fine aggregate in concrete is not suitable and that is the reason to search for an alternative material. Quarry dust satisfies the reason behind the alternative material as a substitute for sand at very low cost.

Effect of adding nano/micro graphite to concrete: By adding nano graphite to concrete it increases the concrete compressive strength by 25% and gives the strength of 31.608 MPa at addition of 0.1% graphite with 0% quarry dust.

Effect of quarry dust: In addition to quarry dust, it also plays a significant role to increase 50% of the compressive strength of concrete and gives highest max strength of 37.906 MPa at 30% sand replacement with quarry dust and 0% nano graphite.

Combine effect of nano/micro graphite and quarry dust: Combine effect of nano/micro graphite and quarry dust also plays a significant role to increase 36% of the compressive strength and give 34.190 MPa at 0.1% nano/micro graphite along with 30% of quarry dust.

Slump is 79mm with w/c 0.44. Moreover, compressive strength test, tensile test and flexural test were conducted.


An experimental program was designed to check the effect of different percentages (0.1%,0.3%,0.5%) of nano/micro graphite on cementitious concrete with different percentages (0%,15%,30%,60%), of partial replacement of quarry dust on the mechanical properties such as tensile, compression and flexural strength. Results show better mechanical properties having 0% nano/micro graphite along with 30% quarry dust and gives Maximum Tensile, Compression and Flexural Strength which is 4.511, 37.906 and 5.597 MPa respectively. At 0.1% nano graphite the strength decreases and with the increase in the percentage of nano graphite, the strength further decreases.

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