Code Based Seismic Design Of Multi-Story buildings In Pakistan

Department: Civil Engineering
Team Lead: Naveed Malik - (
Team Members: 'Muhammad Hashir Iqbal','Naveed Malik','Malik Yasir Jamil
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Problem Statement

The project was designed in a way to withstand the Seismic Excitations to avoid Catastrophic failure.


The project involves the design of the four story building (Ground+3) keeping in view the American Concrete Institute Codes.


The final year project was undertaken at NESPAK, Islamabad from Oct 16, 2020, to June 21, 2021, under the supervision of Mr. Talha Afzal, Senior Engineer, Structural Design Department. 

The structural design of a building was carried out that may be constructed in ZONE-2B of Islamabad. The main purpose of the project was to perform the code-based seismic analysis of a Multi-Story Building, using a linear static lateral force procedure. For that, we would have to apply all the knowledge, we have studied in the past years. Also, we studied Uniform Building Codes (UBC-97), chapter 16, for the seismic analysis of the building.


The project focused on code based seismic design of multi-story buildings in Pakistan. In this context, we undertook an extensive review of the relevant literature and project reports. Subsequently, we designed a four-story building using E-TABS and SAFE and with due consideration to the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Codes and Uniform Building Codes (UBC-97). The structural drawings are also prepared using AutoCAD.

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