MUBSIR (RFID Based Attendance System)

Techs: Arduino UNO, ESP8266, RFID Scanner, RFID Chips/Tags, Visual Basic Code, Google Chrome, Arduino
Department: Computer Science
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MUBSIR is an RFID-based attendance system that contains a web application portal, as well as hardware. Its purpose is basically to mark the attendance of students coming into the school and throw a message to their specified guardians /parents. In addition to that, it makes sure the security and safety of the students as every parent/guardian are concerned about their children’s wellness. As now a day’s parents are worried about their children’s safety, so our project assures the safety of the students and makes sure their wellness.

MUBSIR (RFID BASED ATTENDANCE SYSTEM) is a new technique of marking attendance of the students keeping in mind today world in which the basic need of students is safety and security, and this would be possible using an RFID chip so why not? In short, it can be said that a chip can save your life. The system will detect the chip and then tell it with the data saved in the database of that specific institute in which the students will be already registered. After the student with that specific ID will be detected, his/her attendance will automatically be marked with a message delivery to the parents/guardians. All today's world happenstances have been kept in mind while developing this project. The most interesting thing is that this project is extendable up to the need and requirements of the user.

  • Enroll students’ records including their name, class, and courses.
  • Mark the attendance of students as they enter the school.
  • Will note and save the arrival time of the student.
  • Will note and save the out time of the student.
  • Send a message to the specific guardians of students.
  • After the school gate is closed it will also mark the absence of the students do not present at school.
  • Send a message to the specific guardians of students of their absence in case.
  • Late arrival will also be marked. 

Project Team Members

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CIIT/FA17-BCS-080/WAH Muhammad Obaid Ullah Maqsood
CIIT/FA17-BCS-203/WAH Faizan Sarwar

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